Lessons & Rates

For Paddle Board lessons on the lakes of
Anchorage and Eagle River


  • Duration:
    1.5 hours

  • Your Choice of 1 Paddle Board Type:
    All-round / Fitness / Race Tour / Surf / Whitewater

  • Gear Included:
    Paddle Board / Paddle / Life Vest (PFD)

  • Instruction:
    15 min on shore 15 min on water
    1 hour to paddle around lake & ask questions

  • More Info:

    • Designed for the first time beginner, this class covers the basics. We keep it simple so you won't be overwhelmed with too much information your first day out.

    • Concentrating on getting you out on the water & having fun with correct paddling technique & stance for maneuvering a Paddle Board safely.

    • SUP terminology, board paddle & safety equipment

    • How to size a board & paddle to rider weight & height

    • Water entry/exit from shore or dock

    • Correct paddle holding kneeling/standing

    • Correct paddle stroke & two turning methods

    • How to re-mount board from water & retrieve paddle

  • What to Wear & What to Bring :

    • My Paddle Board classes are for seasoned outdoor Alaskans. I chose lakes for my lessons because they are the warmest bodies of water in the state. I only operate on warm days & have picked the 4 warmest months to offer my Paddle Board Lessons.

    • If you feel you need a wet or dry suit you will need to bring your own or rent one as these are not provided.

    • A cheap pair of water shoes, (no flip flops or bare feet). Alaska lakes have funky organic bottoms trust me you dont want to step in this without water shoes - an old pair of flat bottom sneakers will work.

    • A pair of shorts or pants you can get wet.

    • A shirt or long sleeve you can get wet.

    • A change of dry clothes & a towel for the end of your Paddle.

    • Sunscreen / hat for shade

    • Most important of all ...A SMILE

"Beginner Promise" - From your instructor Karl

"You may think you don’t have the athletic ability to try stand up paddle boarding. If this is you I have great news - all you need is the flexibility to go from your knees to hands & knees, (all fours), and stand up. Thanks to my friend Peter Hall of HALA GEAR based out of Colorado I have Boards that are extremely stable. Even the most lan-locked scaredy cats, will have fun."

Party Safari TourKarl teaching a lesson at Delong Lake in Anchorage


Includes equipment rental

$80 per person *

One on one private class option allows for low stress, no rush, personalized instruction.

SEMI PRIVATE / 2 people
per person *
Date night idea!
Learn to stand up paddle with a significant other. This option saves money & you will learn the Basics of SUP together.

$35 per person *

Want to get the kids involved & away from the TV? This Basic class will have your entire group up & paddling within the first 30 min.

$30 per person *
Up to 6 on Anchorage lakes
Up to 8 on Eagle River lakes


* More than 1.5 hours
Add $30 an hour for additional time.


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