Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in Every Lesson / Trip?

  • Life Vest (feel free to bring your own)
  • Leash
  • Paddle Board
  • Paddle
  • Boards and Paddles. You provide your own transportation to the lake.
  • WPA & Paddle Fit Certified friendly fun life long Alaskan instructor.

What Additional Topics can be Incorporated into Private & Semi Private
(2 person) Lessons?

  • Paddle Boarding with dogs
  • Spin Turns
  • Turning on the move
  • Moving Pivot Turn w/ tail submerged
  • Edging & Board Tilt, toe and heel side
  • Towing with a paddle
  • Tricks for paddling in windy conditions
  • Unconscious paddler rescue
  • 3 different ways to paddle using different muscle groups
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Car top transporting with cam straps & roof racks
  • Carrying SUP safely to & from the water in windy conditions
  • Cold water shock
  • Nautical rules of the road
  • State wide SUP shops & rental info (Alaska only)
  • Gear / PFD's / River safety tips
  • Surfing in Alaska

What Should I Wear & What Should I Bring?

  • My Paddle Board classes are for seasoned outdoor Alaskans. I chose lakes for my lessons because they are the warmest bodies of water in the state. I only operate on warm days & have picked the 4 warmest months to offer my Paddle Board Lessons.
  • If you feel you need a wet or dry suit you will need to bring your own or rent one as these are not provided.
  • A cheap pair of water shoes, (no flip flops or bare feet). Alaska lakes have funky organic bottoms trust me you dont want to step in this without water shoes - an old pair of flat bottom sneakers will work.
  • A pair of shorts or pants you can get wet.
  • A short sleeve shirt or long sleeve shirt you can get wet.
  • A change of dry clothes & a towel for the end of your paddle.
  • Sunscreen / hat for shade
  • Most important of all ...A SMILE


Wet & Dry Suits.

My paddle board classes are only offered outside during the four warmest months of Alaska's summer. The lakes in flat lands, far from the glaciers & snow that feed them, warm up very nicely with the amount of sunlight we receive during the summer months. I only run classes in good weather unless requested otherwise and wet or dry suits are not really neccessary. However, if you feel you'd be more comfortable wearing one, you are welcome to bring your own or you can rent one.



It is safer walking to shore and around lakes with some kind of water shoe on. Sticks, broken glass and organic matter on lake bottoms are not kind to bare feet. Bare Feet or Flip Flops are NOT suitable. If you need to buy water shoes, I would recommend West Marine in Anchorage, they have great prices. An old pair of tennis shoes will work if the sole is flat, but I ideally you should wear some kind of water shoe.


Lightweight comfortable clothing that is ok to get wet should be worn. If its cloudy with a breeze bring a wind breaker that can get wet and long pants that allow enough room to kneel & stand up. Make sure you have a towel & change of clothes for after class.



Sunscreen, Sunglasses & Hat are recommended. If you have expensive or prescription sunglasses it is advisable to make sure you have a neck leash for them to avoid losing them in the lake.



If the lake we are at does not have facilities available in the immediate vicinity, there will always be one only a couple of minutes drive away..



If you are bringing phones or cameras with you, make sure they are waterproof or that you have waterproof covers for them. I can carry non-waterproof phones or camera in a dry bag to take shots if neccessary. Please ensure phones are switched off or switched to silent during lessons to minimize disrruption to the lesson and your fellow classmates.


Paddle with Dog Class

Dogs must be kept on a leash until on the water. If your dog takes a poop it is your responsibility to stoop & scoop and dispose of the bag in a garbage can.